Underrated: Development, your silent cost driver

“Do you know the latest manufacturing techniques?”

“Of course” – that’s what you immediately hear from developers when you ask them. Of course they know the latest technologies and manufacturing processes like the back of their hand.

Why is that? From the TechDays and from the vendor presentations!
But do they also know the cutting speeds and cycle times that can be achieved today? How about the cost of the machinery and the set-up time required? And are they aware of the tool wear during production entailed by the design subtleties you just adopted? Did they tell them what all that actually costs, and especially why?

Probably not.

Join together what belongs together

The manufacturing costs of a product are determined in the design. Everyone knows this, yet in practice the initial cost assessments often come too late – generally after the essential product characteristics and manufacturing costs have been determined.

If this is something you want to avoid, you need to put your developers in contact with the manufacturing specialists as early as possible – whether at your offices or on site with your suppliers. And make sure that there is always a cost analyst at the table. This works wonders, you will see.

Cost optimization is teamwork.

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