Two or three top people in key positions and the factory will run just fine – unfortunately this is just not how things work. Leading companies have understood that their employees are the basis of their success. They are the company’s true capital and the investment in the future that pays dividends.

The team has long been aware of this. There is a reason why many employees today assign more importance to professional development opportunities than to their salary level; for many, such opportunities are the leading factor in keeping them loyal to the company they work for.


These seminars aren’t just an excuse to get out of the office. What people want is to have a say. Cross-functionally. Being able to understand your colleagues from other departments, and know what they’re talking about. Contributing something substantial to the team and scoring with your own ideas. Because they’re good.

This requires a solid foundation. In line with the value stream.

Our topics range from purchasing to production all the way to successful price agreement. Our seminars are mainly about methodological skills, but attendees also receive “midair refueling” drawing on the experience and knowledge of our seasoned practitioners. Also: The more varied the group of participants, the better.


If seminars are to be useful, they need to tackle the issues people are facing right now. A generous serving of practical relevance is needed. Issues that prey on participants’ minds.

Discretion? Totally impossible with a mixed audience!

We knows this which is why we only offer in-house seminars. These seminars are geared to the specific needs of our clients – and leave them wanting more. We promise.

  • Value stream mapping – the classic. Learning to see.
  • Lean Six Sigma – Problem-solving and approachable statistics.
  • Line Walk Audit – Value stream mapping and cost analysis seen in context.
  • Cost Analysis and Price Negotiation – understand the relevant parameters and tweak them yourself.
  • Target price calculation with poseidon® – customer acquisition guaranteed.


Seminars are always held in a sheltered environment. And this is a good thing, because this promotes learning retention. But on Monday, real life will commence anew. In a world that is both harsh and dangerous – but also beautiful and full of opportunities.

You want your team to win? Then you need to start training hard now. Not in the studio, but out there in the thick of things.

We support you in your projects. Especially at the outset of your success story, it is important to be on-site to support your employees. Jointly developing strategies and making plans. Honing your tactics under pressure. But also doing a few things differently. Always tailored to the specific situation.

And finally, in the end, scoring a smashing success together with your team. This will forge your team into a cohesive unit – making them hungry for more. We understand this.

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