The challenge of globalization: keep up or be kept out

Extreme competition

Competition on the global markets is growing ever fiercer. No one is willing to pay for work from which they derive no benefit. What the OEMs have been practicing in their factories and in their materials procurement for decades is now becoming ever more vital for Tier1 companies and their suppliers: The intimate relationship between process optimization and cost optimization.

“At any manufacturing company, profit can only be achieved through cost reduction. If we apply the formula “selling price = actual costs + profit”, we make the customer responsible for all costs. There is no longer any place for this principle in today’s competitive automotive industry.” (Taiichi Ohno, father of the Toyota production system, 1978)

Benefit from our experience to secure your edge.

NORBERT HEINZ CONSULTING advises and supports industrial enterprises from all technology sectors in the analysis and optimization of their product costs throughout the value chain and in pushing through their target prices.

The poseidon® costing system developed by us gives you the required level of cost transparency throughout the entire product lifetime. This means that you can always make adjustments efficiently and exactly where you need to. This goes not only for product development and manufacturing optimization, but also for your price negotiations with suppliers and customers.

“We do more than just identify potentials. As a results-oriented business consultancy with international experience, our customers appreciate us […] for our in-depth analyses, practical solutions, methodological expertise and our experience of implementing them.” (Norbert R. Heinz)

Norbert R. Heinz, founder and CEO

Norbert R. Heinz, founder and CEO of NORBERT HEINZ CONSULTING, has an extensive international reputation in product development and manufacturing process optimization. Among other things, the graduate engineer and Six Sigma Black Belt has numerous years of procurement experience in the automotive supplier industry. In that capacity, he was responsible for worldwide material procurement cost optimization for a major global player. Intercultural competency and superior negotiating skills are just as much a part of this seasoned expert’s portfolio as his extensive business network, cultivated over several decades. Worldwide.


Expenses at the manufacturers are high. On the one hand, they need to make forward-looking investments and turn a profit. On the other, the customer both expects and demands additional price reductions and threatens to relocate production. Cashflow can quickly become an overriding concern. Not an easy exercise!


We support you in the analysis and optimization of processes – Under your own roof and in all your orders. In a targeted, deliberate manner geared to your success. We create cost analysis assessments and robust target price calculations. We will support you in your negotiations with customers and suppliers.


Your satisfaction and your success are paramount in everything we do. Mutual respect and a trusting working relationship are our first priority.

We take our responsibility when processing information and data very seriously, and treat all our customer relationships and the activities we carry out with our customers as strictly confidential.

Numerous mid-sized companies as well as international corporations already rely on our long-standing expertise and work using poseidon®, the costing system designed by us to ensure the sustainable success of your business.

You can count on us. Benefit from our experience to secure your edge.